Driving Traffic to a Company Website – Options That You Control


At IMTC, we teach a number of traffic driving techniques that you need to implement, whether you’re working for yourself or a company. These are the daily tasks and techniques needed by any entity online, large or small, to get qualified visitors to your website: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogging, article marketing and SEO. Companies and businesses that aren’t using these powerful (and often free) services are not doing all they can to promote their products and are at risk of losing their market share to their competitors.

These are options that you control: regular and dedicated Internet Marketing strategies that really work. But you have to have the proper training in these services to get the most out of them, or they can be a huge waste of time and money. In all of the above examples, writing and engagement are key factors. How you mine for prospects and how your visitors interact with your website and social media is important to your success. Are you asking for visitor input or are you just shoving marketing down their throats? Are you putting solid information on your webpage that they can use right now, or are you leading them around in circles? People will invest very little time on a website that’s confusing or doesn’t address the issue of why they ended up there in the first place.

With simple tweaks of your traffic driving techniques, you can get more visitors that are more interested, more often. These opportunities for website traffic cannot be ignored if you take your online success seriously. It’s about conversions: signing up to newsletter, making a purchase, taking away important information, learning something. This what IMTC is all about.  Helping you help others.

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