Driving Website Traffic With Youtube Videos


Youtube videos are the popular traffic driving device to populate your websites with excited visitors. Videos work wonders in terms of branding yourself and your business because they’re dynamic, visually appealing and fun. They can create a blast of interest in your products and services, possibly even going viral, if you utilize the elements of humor, adventure and exciting graphics.

Youtube videos are viewed around the world 24/7, even when you’re busy doing something else. If you produce them properly and have a lot of them, they can brand your products and educate people with your message. Getting viewers to your website is fairly easy: be sure to put a watermark (or “lower third”) at the bottom of your video with your website address on it. This can act as an advertisement even if people post your video to their own websites. Some videos can go ‘viral’ rather quickly without you even being aware of it: shared on blogs, Digg.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in email attachments. make sure your website is visible in case this happens.

Put a clickable link to your website in the video description area. From Youtube, a viewer can click out to your website while watching it, driving real traffic to your site. make it easy for them by putting the link in the first line of your description box. Also, add your website addresses to your channel’s “about me” section as well.

You can even have videos promoting a particular website for a limited time. You can use videos to ‘funnel’ visitors to special promotion for a couple of weeks, and then change the clickable web address in the description to another site later. You can edit your video’s title, tags and description any time with out losing views on Youtube. Videos can promote certain websites only for certain periods of time, such as holidays and events, then send viewers to a home page or blog after that.

IMTC makes video marketing easy. It’s easy because we’ve experimented with all of the various techniques to see which ones work best, so you don’t have to. You can use video marketing to sell your own products or help a business brand their services just like television commercials. Think about how valuable you would be in the workforce armed with this kind of specialized knowledge.

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