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Google Editions

Google opened an ebook store in the Fall of 2010 using a universal format that can be read in any web browser. Google eBooks (formerly Google Editions) is an e-book program run by Google. It offers universal access and non-restrictive copying. The store is headed by Dan Clancy, who also directs Google Books. Google eBooks purchased at the Google eBookstore (Google eBooks' online store front) or other retailers are stored online and linked to the customer's Google account.

They can then be read online, or downloaded to a cache for offline reading. Holding purchased books on Google's server theoretically allows Google to serve books to users under a variety of formats, including new formats that might not be available at the time of purchase.

From within your Google Books Partner Program account, you can submit settings to make Google eBooks of all your books available for purchase, or specify individual books that you wish to sell.

Simple steps to take part in Google eBooks

1.Sign in to your account and agree to the Terms addendum

2.Specify your default settings for Google eBooks

3.Adjust individual book settings and prices

Fancy Ebooks

Despite warnings about customer service issues, some of you are going to try to make fancy ebooks. The problem with fancy ebooks in the past was that they were primarily .exe files which only worked on PCs and scared people because .exe files frequently contain viruses.

In part this is still true. Corey Rudl’s old organization had an ebook program that would allow you to turn off an ebook from working even after the customer had purchased it. It also didn’t allow people to pass their ebook around to others. This program delivered the ebook in .exe format. It wouldn’t work at all on Macs and as stated above, people are afraid of .exe files because of viruses.

Also, the ebooks required a viewer to see them. You’ll see tons of great reviews about this software on the Internet because Corey’s organization were masters at giving affiliates ammo to sell stuff to people quite carefully hiding the flaws.

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