Useful Blogging Techniques


Blog to Book:

The content of your posts can build up very quickly if you post a couple of times a week. This can all be assembled together to create an informational book. Even guest posts or interviews with other experts can be used to make a book very quickly. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only that, all of your written content can be read by you and recorded as a CD or MP3 product.

Audio blogging is a great way to deliver content to people who want to get their information auditorily. Audioblogging is essentially like podcasting. This is another great way to deliver your content. You can podcast your entire book so it's like an audiobook that you can get at:

Selling audio files creates a loyalty and can attract and different kind of crowd, expanding your customer base.

Flipped the other way, all of your regular podcasts or audio blog posts can be transcribed by someone you can find on

Doing interviews for a book, especially for a nonfiction book, is a great idea. Not only can you generate instant content from interviewing famous or semi-famous people, but most people who are in your book are going to get the book and talk about it to their people.

While you're at it you can use a service like:    that you can actually call in postings from your cell phone, and they post automatically to your blog, saving you writing time.

Take your professional blogging to the next step.

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