Engaging Facebook Posts: Fill in The Blank


A fun and interesting way to get your Facebook fans to pipe in with comments is to ask them a question in the form of a fill-in-the-blank.

Getting comments is important for two reasons besides creating engagement: Facebook’s feature called EdgeRank determines whether your posts will show to all of your fans (the more shares and comments you have, the higher your post visibility will be) and discovering what is important to your fans (called data mining, it’s a way to make future products based on the opinions of your fans).

Here’s an example of a highly engaging post we did for a client:

I love writing books and have some new ones in the works. What books have you been working on or recently finished? “The name of my new book is called ________.”       

The fans loved this exchange and were excited to share their book titles with everyone on Facebook. They even went so far as to share a link where people could buy the book on Amazon or their website. We actually encouraged this to add an extra feature of value to the post. Needless to say, it was ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ more than we expected and raised the client’s Facebook popularity immensely.

What can you ask your Facebook fans that will get them excted to leave comments? What could you learn about your fans that would help you make new products and services? Use Facebook and other social networking for what it does best – connecting with and caring about your fans!



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