Getting on the First Page of Google – Is It Still a Reality?


You see ads and claims all of the time of services that can get your website in the first page search results of Google. Since there are only 10 results per search word or phrase that can occupy that space, that can be a tall promise. Taking in consideration of just how many websites there are on the web, can you really get a website on the first page of a search result?

Let's look at how it's done and what alternatives are available for better search engine placement:

Pay Per Click – you can ‘buy' your way to a first page listing with Google Sponsored Ads. Depending how much you're willing to spend per click, you can have your ad appear above anyone else's.

Other listings – Google has alternative search results for videos, images, books and blogs. Using specific keywords for this media, you can have elements of your webpage appear on the first page of these various results.

Niche keywords phrases – competing for general keywords such as “diamond jewelry, public speaking or life coaching' can be tough. Thorough research in other phrases people search for can land you on the first page of results. Try ‘long-tail' phrases such as “how to keep children of off drugs, corporate training for public speakers or handmade sapphire bracelets.” There is less competition for these phrases and you can still reach your target market.

Third party websites – some websites that have been around for a long time have a lot of clout with Google. You can get higher search positioning with articles, Youtube videos or being a guest blogger that will link to your website than you may get with your own website, especially if it's new.

As an Internet marketing professional, working with a business or even creating your own home based business, you'll need to answer the question: “How can I still get a first page listing with Google?” At IMTC, we teach you these various elements to better search engine placement whether you use just one or a combination of all of the above techniques. Being able to answer that question will make you more valuable in the workplace and steer you clear of scam services that promise the moon. Find out if a career in Internet Marketing is right for you.

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