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Blogging is the hottest trend to hit the Internet in years. Nearly 65% of people who read or get information online use blogs to get the information. Why? Because blogs are fun, personal and always fresh. If you look at ESPN for example, they link to many reporter blog posts that talk candidly about the week’s sports news. If you visit Mashable.com to read the latest tech news, it’s usually in the form of a blog post. Blogging is filled with variety and interaction. Often, the comments readers leave are more informative and entertaining than the original post itself. This only adds more fun and excitement to the post, making blogging more popular than ever.

If you are a business owner or are helping someone with their blogging duties, it can be a chore to think of something to say everyday. Here is a hint to better blogging: Be yourself and be personal. Being candid creates a rapport with your reader and makes it easier to think of things to write about. Even if no real news has come out about your industry lately, there are still opinions and thoughts to put on paper, so to speak. Whether those thoughts and opinions are your own or someone else’s, it’s often not too difficult to stir up the pot a little and get a conversation going. Reading an ongoing dialogue between a number of ‘experts’ is what brings your readers back to the blog over and over again. Repeat visitors is what the search engines love.

I see far too many blogs that are very ‘clinical’ in nature: they are just spouting boring facts or re-hashing the news of the day. That’s not what people want to read. There are millions of blogs to compete with – you can’t be boring and expect results. The more personalized the post and the more candid your writing becomes, the more interactive and fun the blog becomes for your readers. Fun blogs make money.

Use your blog as a daily diary.That’s what they were originally intended for anyway, but it seems that most bloggers have lost their way. Learn to ‘lighten’ up your writing by being yourself… and watch the results roll in!

Do you have what it takes to be a professional blogger?

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