Give Your Opt-in Freebie a “Value”


Having your website visitors ‘opt-in' for a freebie – an ebook, MP3 or video series – is a powerful way to build a database of email customers that you can market to over and over. Most freebies that you see on websites neglect to make the item more ‘valuable' by stating what the item would be worth if it were for sale.

Why would a freebie item have a price? Well, many items that were once for sale on a website can now be given away as a promotional item. And when you do give it away in exchange for a visitor's email address, be sure to tell them how much it used to be when it was being sold, to help increase the value in the visitor's mind. An example:

Which language sounds more exciting:

“Sign Up Below for Your Free Report”  or

“Sign Up to Claim Your Free Ebook”  (a $19.95 value)

Stating the price the ebook once sold for creates the illusion that the visitor is getting a $20 item for free. The free report is already “free” so it doesn't hold the same kind of ‘urgency' to sign up for it as the ebook does. Anytime an item has a pronounced value but suddenly becomes free (gas, milk, concert tickets, etc…) it can cause a sense of “I need that now” in the  mind of the customer. That's exactly how to build a sound database very quickly. So don't forget to add value to your freebies as an extra incentive to sign up.


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