When a Visitor is on Your Website….


Lead them around

The worst thing you can do is confuse your visitor. They will leave immediately when they start to feel lost. Most people have far too many choices on their pages.

You must lead them through your site and introduce them to your information in a logical sequence and in digestible bites. And ALWAYS give them a bailout home button so they can start over again if they do get lost.

You might think, “That’s crazy. Some of the most successful sites in the world like MSN have a million choices on every page. Half the time I don’t know where to click, but they’re still successful.”

But you can’t try to compare your small business site to sites that have enough money to advertise on the side of every bus in America. The biggies can get away with things that would be suicide for your small business site.

Think about where you want your visitor to end up and what action you want them to take when they get there. Then work backwards to the most likely place they enter your site.

Review each page they will encounter along the way and make sure it doesn’t send them off in the wrong direction.


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