06 – Infographic Highlights the Little-known Struggles of College Students


Today,, a portal for students seeking online college degrees, released an infographic displaying some of the struggles that college students face. Surprisingly, the academic challenge isn’t what forces many young people to drop out of school. More than half the college dropouts surveyed by Public Agenda, a public opinion and public engagement organization, stated that they had to leave school in order to work and make money. This statistic comes as no surprise as tuition and living expenses continue to rise.

“Earning a college education is a goal for many Americans, whether young or old,” said Anne Larsson, spokesperson. “While a degree might seem easy to achieve, the reality is that many students are finding it more and more difficult to juggle their studies with work, as well as budget for school and family.”

The infographic also reveals what students believe would really help them earn a college degree, noting that 81 percent of college dropouts indicate that more financial aid would make it easier to complete their degree program of choice. Still, despite a declining economy, 97 percent of young American parents who dropped out of college say they will encourage their children to pursue higher education, recognizing that it opens the door to more opportunities.

“Students are always going to be faced with other life obligations, whether it is a job, family, extracurricular activities, or simply bills to pay,” Larsson said. “But this shouldn’t discourage or distract them from achieving their educational goals.”

An online education could help these students access higher learning by giving them the freedom to study at home, on their schedule.

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