Internet Marketing Careers: Mobile Messaging


Text messaging is all the rage. Businesses both larger and small, from Walmart to your local Mexican restaurant are using text messages to alert their customers to coupons and specials.

Companies love texting because unlike email, almost everyone opens their text messages when delivered to their mobile device. In addition, they can be sent out just before lunch (to offer discounts and coupons) and before major shopping events such as holidays. That increases the conversion for the text message higher than emails or even television ads, for a fraction of the cost.

Why would a business need to hire someone to help them with texting? Managing the text subscriptions, designing the QR codes and writing the best copy in a limited amount of characters takes some expertise.  Some text messages just send out notifications, while other may contain a clickable link to a website or special offer. This takes knowledge of websites and landing pages, plus ecommerce systems and databases.

IMTC helps students get ready for the future of advertising with up-to-date training in every aspect of electronic marketing for small businesses. Don't let expensive companies or inefficient outsourcing take your business from you. This is a specialty career that is growing by leaps and bounds. This is your time…



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