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You already know how popular blogging is and how it can increase your search engine rankings. But a blog used improperly can hurt your chances to impress your readers the way you want to. I see too many blogs where the author is trying to sell products or promote affiliate services. While there is nothing wrong with promoting products, it isn't the number one priority for your blog.

What is the priority? Attracting readers that want to have their say and be a part of the action. Asking questions and encouraging debate will bring readers back again and again. People love to chime in on topics that they are passionate about and will come back to see who has said what. They will respect the opinion of the author and will look towards him or her for products, training and advice.

You have a comments section, so use it. When someone leaves a comment, respond to it (only if it's a legitimate comment and not spam). Ask for people's two-cents-worth on the topics you are passionate about and always acknowledge their passion in return. You will quickly establish yourself as the expert, no matter what the field your in. Selling products is much easier when you have built a loyal fan base that know you. And they also know you care about them as well.

Blogging is a huge part of a business' online marketing strategy. Major companies are searching for people who know how do it right. At IMTC, we have the training that will take you to the top of this industry and more. Get a free career guide to find out more!

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