Internet Marketing: Target a Niche Market for Your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business


One of the advantages of Internet marketing is that you can select a topic that interests you and target a niche market that shares your passion. After you choose your subject and narrow your audience, you can decide which approach to take to reach your market.

How will you reach your customer?

  • One-to-one approach
    This approach relies on search engine keywords to draw users to your website as they browse the Internet. Once they have found you and given you permission to use their email to contact them, you may reach out to your customers through email promotions. In addition, you can nurture a client relationship by routinely posting blogs and inviting visitors to your site to interact directly with you.
  • Appeal to specific interests and locations
    With this method, you can define your market according to age group, gender, geographical location and special interests and then post ads based on the keywords your target enters when browsing. For example, a tire company can post advertisements on racing and trucking websites with the assurance that the audience has a similar interest.

What do you need to start targeting your market?

For starters, you will need a website, an email program and a blog. You will also need to know how to use keywords, shopping carts, merchant accounts, autoresponders, search engines and social networking programs In addition, you will need to develop and package products such as e-books, MP3 files, and e-courses.

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