Internet Marketing Time Management – Finding The Right Help


One of the main factors that many marketers find they have trouble with is time management: how can one do all of the things that are required for a busy online business? With so many new marketing tools coming out on a daily basis, how can one keep up with the tasks?

As time goes on and your business grows, you'll find that you need help. That help can be as simple as a part time virtual assistant, all the way to a full time employee. After years of marketing online and trying out what works and what doesn't, we have found some great places to find decent help for your business, even if you don't want to pay big money for it.


High School Students:  No matter what age you are, most high school students are on top of the hottest and cutting edge services and software that could help your business. Videos, social networking and blogging are the heart of what high school kids do everyday, they're just not aware that there are ways to make money doing it. Instead of trying to learn everything yourself, high school kids can help you out, sometimes for very little money. They'll often help you out for a couple bucks an hour or a pizza, and you can learn the shortcuts to the latest techniques. Find high school students at computer clubs or even friends of your neighbor's kids.


Interns: if you take your business and marketing seriously, you could have an intern work for you. In most states, a sole entrepreneur can have an intern (check with your state laws).  This gives a young person, or even someone who desires to change careers, the chance to learn a new skill. For a couple hours a week of work, you can teach them the effective marketing techniques you have learned in this school.


Outsourcing:  there are plenty of outsourcing firms that can help you with your daily tasks, usually very cheaply. Do your research and make sure you review the outsourcing company before spending any money. Since they are mainly overseas, they will vary greatly in the quality of the work they do. Make sure you see some of their other work they've done and whether they have a good command of the language and good writing skills (usually their biggest weaknesses). The pluses are that they are great at social networking skills and graphics, and that you can get some outsourcing help for as low as $5.00 an hour.


Virtual Assistants: These are professional people that cost more to hire, but are usually well-versed in marketing and good at what they do. The best part is that you can hire them for as little work as you need done to as much as you need. They are as reliable as a real employee without the expense of hiring one: benefits, office space, computers, etc. Most virtual assistants will cost you about the same as an experienced employee per hour: $12 – 20 an hour range depending on their level of service, but you can hire them for only a few hours a month, usually on a retainer, because they often work for a firm with multiple customers.


Craigslist:  a great free way to find an employee when your business grows to that level. Either part time or full time, even temporary or by the project, you can use to find just the right help that you need without the expense of a job placement firm. Write a free classified ad to attract whatever level of help you need. Craigslist is one of the most highly visited websites on the Internet, attracting millions of job seekers.  a giant resource of professional people looking for work virtually. You can hire by the project and look over the qualifications of your assistant that are listed on their profile. You put out a bid for the work you need done, and the thousands of members of elance will browse the listings and accept the bid if they choose to do so. There are various levels of experience and rates on elance because it includes workers from the U.S and overseas.

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