Ethically Spy on Your Competition’s Keywords


Ethically Spying on Your Competition’s Keywords

Here’s a great idea. Why not let your competition do lots of work for you and you reap the benefits?

You can find out what keywords your competitors are using by opening their websites in Internet Explorer browser. After the site you are spying on is open click on “view” then click “source”.

In Firefox click “ctl” then click “U”.

A window will open and it will show you all the behind-the-scenes HTML coding of the site. This most likely will include the keywords that site is using to try to grab traffic. (not all sites will display this and some won’t have META keywords because they aren’t as important as they used to be, but as of June 2010 the description META tag is making a comeback.)

Some very sophisticated webmasters can hide this information from you or even feed you false information, but that is very rare. For the most part you will see what words they are using.

Just because you find these words don’t assume the webmaster for the site you are looking at knew what he/she was doing with them.

Your job is to look for words that you may have overlooked and take them to the Majestic to see the popularity of the keywords you find.


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