Internet Marketing Training Center: A New Start for Many


Several years ago when I was giving career presentations to high school and college students, I came across Tom Antion’s public speaking products on Anxious to improve my speaking techniques, I ordered one of the products and begin to learn Tom’s techniques. When I saw his online ad for a writer last winter, I immediately knew I wanted the opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

During the job interview, we discussed the Internet Marketing Training Center he was planning to open soon. I wanted to know why he decided to open an Internet marketing school and how he knew the time was right. Though I don’t remember his exact words, I do remember how impressed I was with his insight and how thoroughly he had researched the market. He knew instinctively that opening the school was a wise decision.

Now that opening day is fast approaching, I am anticipating the life-changing influences it will put into play for the students who enroll, study and practice what they learn. Young people just beginning their careers, as well as people searching for a new start, will be able to sit at their computers in the comfort of their homes and learn how to create wealth for themselves and their families through Internet marketing. It is very exciting. Many lives will be enhanced by learning Tom Antion’s proven Internet marketing methods.

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