Internet Marketing Training – Distance Education Is Environmentally Friendly!


You've heard of the new “green careers” that are growing in popularity every day, but have you heard of “green learning?” Distance education is known for paperless and convenient learning. E-learning programs are 100% online, testing is done automatically and content is accessible on the school website. No books need to be mailed, very little energy wasted on classrooms – green learning!

Consider these “Green” benefits of online training:

A student participating in online courses doesn’t need a dorm room, a library, a cafeteria or seven different classrooms in order to learn. There is no huge sprawling campus burning hundreds of lights, using mega watts of electricity and dumping gallons of water down the drain. In addition, no wildlife is displaced to make way for new buildings and campuses.

A distance learner doesn’t have to depend on vehicles to participate in classes. No car, no bus, no commuting, thereby eliminating exhaust and fuel consumption. Instructors and students generally communicate through email, so no trees are sacrificed to make paper for lessons and handouts. In addition, the learners don’t have to print their assignments so they are not adding ink cartridges to the landfill.

Distance education pays off for the individual in many ways. Helping the planet while educating yourself is a bonus. That is just one more reason to take online courses. It’s convenient, it’s accessible 24-7, and it’s the new green.

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