MTCVA – Outlook For Digital Marketing Jobs: 2012


The State of Marketing Budgets

Budgets for other types of marketing and advertising, including print and radio, are on the decline as marketers reallocate those dollars to online efforts. In the Marketing Budgets 2010: Effectiveness, Measurement and Allocation report from Econsultancy and ExactTarget, they reported that “digital marketing will account for 24% of overall marketing spend this year, and 28% of firms are shifting at least some of their overall marketing budgets from traditional to digital channels.” Other key findings from this report include:

  • 64% plan to increase budgets for search engine optimization.
  • 51% plan to increase budgets for paid search marketing.
  • 70% are planning to increase their budgets for off-site social media such as Facebook and Twitter, despite admitting to being “poor” at measuring social media return on investment (ROI).
  • 46% of companies say they are planning to increase their overall marketing budget.
  • 42% say they are planning to keep this budget the same as it was in 2009.
  • 40% of company respondents stated that the biggest barrier to digital marketing investment is restricted budget for all types of marketing.
  • 61% of companies claim to have a good understanding of digital marketing return on investment, with 22% saying their grasp of this is “very good” and 39% saying it is “good.”


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