Keyword Prominence Explained


Keyword Prominence

Your keyword prominence is simply the placement of your keywords in your content. In SEO, it is not only important to use certain keywords in your content but ensuring you have proper keyword prominence.

Typical SEO practices will get you to include your keywords as often as you can without making your content difficult and un-natural to the reader. Solid SEO practices should also include the proper placement of those keywords in your sentences and paragraphs.

Where a certain keyword is placed on your page, paragraph and sentence, a percentage can be calculated that will determine how effective the keyword will be to the search engines.

Imagine your webpage or paragraph as a big piece of paper. The farther to the beginning of the upper-left hand corner of the paper a keyword is placed, the more prominent it will be to the search engines.

Keyword prominence is placing your keywords close to the beginning of sentences and paragraphs. Simply placing your keywords at the very beginning of your content will not work. Your keyword prominence must fit in your content making sense to the reader and easily flow with the rest of the content.

You can also try the use of bulleted lists containing your keywords to further increase your keyword prominence. Of course, the list needs to fit with the rest of your content otherwise your SEO efforts will be in vain.

Using the heading tags ( H1, H2, H3, etc.), anchor text, and bolding font near the beginning of sentences or paragraphs and make the keywords stand out perfectly clear to a search engine spider.

A keyword prominence analyzer:

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