Video Marketing – Get More Views of Your Youtube Videos


Keywords in the titles of your videos will give you good exposure to the search engine results giving you the majority of your views. Whether it’s searching on Google or Youtube, both engines look for the proper keywords for positioning, just like a regular webpage.

Most of your views will come from natural search engine results by people looking for that information. That’s why the proper structure for titling your videos and doing your keyword research ahead of time is so important. Titles will be covered more in a lesson coming up in this class.Your subscribers will give you your initial views early as soon as you upload it, creating a high search result on Youtube.

Here are some other clever ways to get additional views of your videos: Share them on your social networking profiles – Every social networking site now makes it easy for you to share videos with your friends. Facebook lets you upload videos directly from your computer to your Wall for everyone to see. You can tag your friends by typing their names in the ‘tag your friends’ feature, so they will get a notification to watch the video. You can also just copy and paste the URL to your Youtube video right into the status update of your Wall and it will play on the Wall.

Copy and pasting a video URL in a Twitter tweet will make it play on the new sidebar area of your profile. People can watch the video right on Twitter without leaving to go to Youtube, but it still counts as a view. No matter what social network is your favorite: MySpace, Orkut, Flickr, Bebo, Squidoo or Ning, they all have the ability to share videos with your friends.

That’s not all. you can use Pinterest, blogging and even press releases to get more views of your Youtube videos.



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