Making Money With Membership Sites


Attracting and Keeping Members

A membership site without members will not make any money. Finding the right target of customers is critical to a membership site's success. A well constructed site will be about delivering niche information to those who need it.

Your market for members are already in places that you may know about:  discussion forums, social media sites, professional organizations and Internet groups. People also search for information with keywords that will pull up articles, videos and blogs where you can advertise your membership site.

Elements of a membership site that people will find attractive will be the amount of material they can access, how often it is updated, whether the site has guest interviews, insider information from the experts and material that they can't find anywhere else.

Other incentives can be discussion forums, networking possibilities, freebies, invitations to member exclusive events, discounted products and labels and logos that you can display on your website.

When advertising your membership site, include the fact that there is a webmaster or someone in charge of the site. Too many lazy membership site owners put the access on ‘automatic', with no one to interact with or too little updating of new material.

The real money in membership sites is made from recurring income, when the member pays every month to stay in the site. If material runs dry and is not updated frequently enough, there is no reason for members to keep paying.

Interaction is a big benefit to belonging to a membership site. Members want to feel they are a part of a family or belong to an exclusive club. The discussion forum plays a big part in this. Knowing that members can ask questions of other experts that they would ordinarily not have access to is a huge value.

How can membership sites create large amounts of passive, everyday income?

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