Marketing Tips For Finding Your Prospects: Paid Ads


Paid Search Results


One way to find targeted traffic is to pay your way to the top of the search results. This is called Pay-Per-Click or sponsored ads. You have seen them often almost every time you search online. They will be typically on the top of the page or the right hand side of the search results on Google with websites that match your inquiry.

The reason it can attract high quality targeted traffic is that your ad will match what the searcher is looking for based on the exact keywords they type in. By paying for search positioning, not only are you putting yourself right in front of your target audience, but you are skipping the process of waiting for natural search positioning and putting your website up on the top of the results within hours of signing up.

This is a great way to test products and new ideas. If you pay for a sponsored ad and your target market doesn't click on the ad or buy anything, you may have a dud of an idea or haven't worded the ad just right. It would be a shame to have spent time and money on a product that no one wants.

Learning to write an ad properly is important to keep the wrong people from clicking on the ad. We will discuss this more in detail in Semester 103. You could go broke very quickly if people are clicking on the ads for no reason. You have to word the ad to attract your specific target market and ‘disqualify' people who wouldn't ultimately be interested in your products or services.

On Facebook, they have their own version of pay-per-click. It's a little cheaper and easier to use than the Google sponsored ads, even though social networking sites generally have lower conversion rates than search engines. This is because when someone is searching for a particular product on Google, they may be ready to buy. On Facebook however, they are there for the most part to socialize and have fun. That doesn't mean they won't buy something from an ad.

How could writing effective ads make you more valuable in the workplace?

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