Video Marketing and Hosting Sites


Video Marketing and Hosting Sites

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and powerful ways to spread information around the Internet. Online video has become easier to use over the years with better quality players and more vivid video formats. With the ever growing advancements in software and technology, you can get a consumer level camera and inexpensive video editing software to create informative productions to use on websites, advertising and marketing of your business.

Web based video productions are usually short and informative. They can be produced to drive traffic to your website or business and to welcome visitors to your website home page. They can be made to offer customer service ideas, training for product use and even to advertise specials, discounts and promotions.

Due to the limited attention span of Internet users and to limit the file size of videos for quick webpage loading, video productions are best kept to 2 – 5 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much time, but it really is when you are advertising. The key to efficient video marketing is to produce many small shorts based on keywords that a searcher will be looking for.

In the past few years there have been a large number of free hosting sites where you can upload your videos for sharing. Sites such as Youtube, VideoGoogle, VideoYahoo, Revver, Vimeo and DailyMotion let video makers of any size or professionalism to create an account, called a channel, where you can upload and share an unlimited number of videos that are easily searchable on search engines. In your account you can build a subscriber list, brand your channel with logos and information about your business, make friends and promote your videos by sharing them via email with other users.

You can use a mass video uploading and distribution tool like the one at http://www.TubeMogel.com to upload a video to multiple hosting sites simultaneously. The advantage above just saving time is that you can have a presence on multiple sites to get more views: 50 videos x 100 views each x 20 hosting sites = 100,000 views total.

And videos work for you 24/7. You shoot the video once, upload the video once and people all over the world can view it for years to come, each one with a clickable link to your website in the video description.

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