Navigation Links That Are Interesting


How can you make the name of your navigation links stand out from other websites and why would you want to?

Since the beginning of the Internet, navigation link names have been boring and uncreative: About, Contact, Home and Store have pretty much ruled the web. You can name your navigation links anything that you want, so why aren’t website designers more creative?

Not only can naming your nav links something cool make your site more memorable and stand out from the rest, they can actually hide certain stealthy calls-to-action and subliminal marketing techniques. The founder of IMTC, Tom Antion, started long ago hiding the fact that something my be for sale on his site to discourage high-pressure tactics. Using the words “Store” or “Products” can create a sales resistance. Instead, he uses the phrase “Speaker Tools” to link to his popular public speaking CD’s. This gives the impression that the page has needed tools and information to help public speakers get more gigs and make more money. In fact, that’s exactly what his training CD’s do, without a bunch of hype. People click on that navigation tab much more than if they know ahead of time they are being pitched to.  

Another overlooked tab is “About.” Simply re-naming this tab “Meet Mary” (use your own name of course) can create a more friendly and personal feeling. The same goes with “Testimonials.” Why not use something more creative such as “Praise” or “Fans Say…”?

With just a few minutes of thinking outside of the box, you can come up with something witty, unique and fun for your site.

When will you start taking the reins of your future?


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