Website Mistakes That Are Often Overlooked, But Easy To Fix


We love our websites. We work hard on them, often pay good money for them and then want to show them off to our friends and family. But if you want your site to make money, you'll have to fix these common mistakes that many of us make:

Opt-in forms not in a prominent area. If your opt-in form is not visible to your visitors, people won't sign up for your freebies and newsletters. An email database is the most important way to make money online. You can't build a list if your opt-in form is in the footer, only on your home page, at the bottom of your content or otherwise below the fold of the site.

Using videos that are small, ineffective or out-of-date. Make sure you use video player software on your site that is easy to use and easy to see. Small Youtube embed codes, outdated flash players and broken player links will make your site look unprofessional.

–  Too many navigation links. If you want visitors to get around the site easily and possibly buy something, keep the navigation as simple as possible. If you make too many pages with too many choices, your visitors will get confused and leave.

Font is too small or hard to read. Using a small font can be hard on the eyes, especially for older visitors. Website formatting is different than for print. Monitors are all different and some can make the font nearly unreadable. Using italics and other fancy fonts and colors can create a bad experience for your readers. Think about how many times you have clicked away because the font was too hard to read.

Make sure that your content is current. Updating content will build trust with your visitors. They are not there to see old stuff. This includes fixing any broken links, updating old images and changing the copyright date.

These are just a few of the common mistakes we make on our websites. Find out other ways your site can make more money! 



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