Online Marketing Secrets: Free Books


No, we're not giving away free books. Not at the moment anyway. But it shouldn't stop you from doing so.

Here's a strategy for building a loyal and receptive physical mailing list that can help create brand awareness and make money too. Create a small, physical soft cover book to give away to your email list. It doesn't have to be huge — maybe just 60 pages or so. Use it to have a contest such as “Name The Title” or something creative so people will read it and engage with it.

The book can be printed for very little money up front. Small books like this from CreateSpace or Vervante can be printed for as low as $2.00 or less. Have a promotion where you ‘give the book away'¬†for free, but charge for shipping, maybe $5.00. Have your list read it and come up with a working title for a grand prize at a later date.

Here is why this works:

  • A physical mailing address is a powerful way to market to your list. With ever decreasing open rates, marketers are turning to direct mail marketing to help advertise their products and services.
  • When people read the book, they engage with it in a more direct fashion than an ebook that they download, but may not even get around to reading.
  • A physical, printed book doesn't get thrown into a folder somewhere on the prospect's hard drive, it stays visible on their shelf or office space keeping your brand top-of-mind. Books are often loaned out to friends, spreading the brand awareness to others.
  • Even after printing and shipping the book out to your list for the $5.00 S&H, you may end up keeping $1.00 for yourself. That's $1000 for every 1000 books you ‘give away.'
  • Prospects that opt-in to get the book with their physical mailing address are ‘hotter' leads than the rest of your list. They will be more receptive to higher priced services such as live events, seminars and personal coaching. Now you know who they are.
  • The book is a branding device: it's sole purpose is to make you look like the expert and the ‘good guy.'


Not all Internet marketing strategies take place on the Internet. Reaching out to prospects in a non-digital way is a powerful technique that can make you stand out from your competition. Learn more about offline / direct marketing.



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