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Pay per click… what in the world is it?

These are the sponsored ads you see in the sidebar section of Google results (and all the other search engine as well). They advertise the products and services on the Internet for companies all over the world. Instead of relying on the search engines to get your website on the first page of results, you can purchase an ad to show on the first page. Sponsored ad placement is determined by how much you are willing to pay for each “click” by bidding on certain keywords or phrases.

Anyone who visits Facebook (and who hasn’t?) will notice ads on the right hand side for websites, Facebook pages and groups. These are paid ads too, again determined by bids you place on keywords. These ads are targeted to searchers by the keywords they use when searching the Internet. Of course, creating your ad is not as easy as it would seem.

If you are going to pay real money for someone just clicking on an ad, you will need to make sure that your ad will really sell or you could spend money very quickly and get few results. How you write the ad, what kind of people are clicking on it and how well your website converts into sales are all things you have to learn before getting involved in pay per click. At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we teach you those finer points of writing great ads and making sure your website is ready to sell. Armed with this knowledge, you can run your own business profitably or work for a number of larger companies that place ads everyday. Find out how you can be an advertising professional today!

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