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You know that book you have always wanted to write but never did because you would have to pay the printer to print hundreds more than you need and then store them forever in your garage? I have good news for you. Now with print-on-demand, you can have as few as one book printed at a nominal price. This means you can order just enough to sell at your book signing,  for back-of-the-room sales, for selling from your website or for giving away to promote your business. Each book is printed when you or your client orders it and you only pay for the quantity ordered, whether it is one or 1,000.

We are using for print-on-demand. It’s a free online self-publishing tool that helps you prepare your book for printing. While compiling and formatting your book takes a lot of time, the actual process of uploading your book to createspace is very simple and consists of three basic steps:

  • Enter information about your book into the createspace software.
  • Upload a pdf file of the content.
  • Upload a pdf file of the cover.

After you upload the pdf files, createspace prints a proof copy, which costs about $3.00 for a 100-page book, and mails it to you. When you have approved the proof copy, createspace will print as few or as many copies as you want. When the book is completed, createspace will even distribute it on for you. You only pay when a customer orders a copy and that money comes out of your commission.

You can also order copies to sell on your own website and through other retailers. It’s a win-win because you have no setup fees or and no inventory to store.

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