Purchasing a Domain Name


How Much Should It Cost?

When you do get your domain name, it should cost less than $10.00. You can easily find places where you can get a domain name for $10.00 per year or less. New top level domains like .co are coming out and they come with a premium price tag. We are not recommending them at the present time unless you have an important reason to use one.

People who are paying $200.00 or more it’s because they don’t know how to fill out the form. If you pay anything above $10.00, you’re paying the company to fill out the form for you and submit it.

You can think up a domain name you want and get a techie friend to check it out for you. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to fill out the form yourself.

Tip: You can easily check to see if a domain name you want is available. Visit and type in the domain name. If the name you want isn’t available, you can see who owns it by visiting  and then making the owner an offer.

Our founder once bought for only $119.00. So, don’t feel that all is lost just because the domain name you want is not available. Make an offer and see what happens.

BIG WARNING: Make sure your name, or your company name is listed as the “Administrative Contact” AND the “Registrant” for your website.

Some people will trick you into doing everything for you including listing “themselves” as the administrative contact and registrant.

This gives THEM total control of your website. You’ll be stuck dealing with them every step of the way and if you want to move to a different host, they may make it very difficult or even impossible for you to do so. In effect, they own your website. And it will be even worse if they go out of business and disappear.

SECOND BIG WARNING: Don’t check out domain names unless you are ready to purchase right at that moment. Nobody can explain it for sure, but some underworld force seems to be watching you check out domain names and if you don’t buy the names immediately, they are no longer available when you come back.

You might wonder, “Once I have the domain does that name automatically go up on the Web?”

The answer is no. You can find places that “park it.” This means if you just get the name and you’re not ready to go live with it, you can store it somewhere for almost nothing. When you’re ready to go live with it, you have to pick a Web Hosting Service. There are thousands of those around. Therefore, you can park it for almost nothing if you buy it now.

One last thing about domains. You aren’t actually “buying” a domain name. You are leasing it for a period of time.

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