Shopping Cart and Auto Responder


Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

Shopping Cart and Auto Responder

For all successful Internet marketing it’s important to have an advanced shopping cart and auto responder for your email campaigns. There are many shopping carts and auto responders available for free via web hosting services, but unlike advanced ones they are fairly basic and lack the power.

Before choosing a cart and auto responder you should take into consideration several factors. Below I will discuss several features and options to look for that will benefit you the most.

  1. When sending automatic emails to your opt-in list it’s effective to have the option to send personalized messages. Sending a message with the subscribers name automatically added to the email makes it personal, and can psychologically have an impact on them to become a buyer. Therefore, being able to send personalized messages is one of the biggest factors when choosing an auto responder.
  2. The next feature to look for in an auto responder is having the ability to send follow-up messages. Most auto responders from hosting services only allow you send one follow-up message to your subscribers. It’s important to have the ability to send multiple follow- up messages because this helps to boost sales dramatically on auto pilot!
  3. Another key feature you should look for is having the ability to update or add new messages to your email campaign. This gives you the power to inform your subscribers about new products or opportunities you may offer, which can increase your earnings.
  4. Having the ability to track your adverts performances is another option to look for in an auto responder. This enables you to track your marketing campaigns and performance, letting you know what’s working and what needs improvement.
  5. If you plan on selling digital downloads make sure you choose a shopping cart that has the features to handle automatic digital downloads. The cart should have the ability to create automatic downloads and expiration’s.
  6. Recurring billing is an important feature if you plan on selling products or services that have monthly billing. This feature has an automated recurring billing system built in that automatically bills membership or recurring products.
  7. Another excellent feature to look for in a good shopping cart is having the ability to upsell. By adding post-sale upsell options to your campaign can dramatically boost your sales. You can create upsell funnels to display different offers to each customer.
  8. Multiple Shipping options is another feature to look for when purchasing a good shopping cart. It should support different shipping methods, have the ability to offer free shipping, real-time UPS/USPS shipping calculations, international shipping, ship by quantity, price or weight and much more.
  9. You should also purchase an auto responder that offers support or some sort of training. By having training videos and tutorials helps you to learn and become more familiar with its features 24 hours a day.

These are a few important features to look for when purchasing an advanced shopping cart and auto responder.

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