Social Media The New Word of Mouth for Business


The social media industry is still new and growing. There are many different social media platforms that business can use to increase awareness for their brand.  Social media has increased the demand for social media managers.

Many businesses try to handle their own social media marketing and end up frustrated with no results. Some business owners actually view social media as something that is ‘easy’ and they jump in with out an effective plan or strategy.

There is actually a lot of detail involved in successfully managing the social media marketing for a business. This is where you can help since the industry is still growing there are a lot of people that claim to be social media managers but they have no experience or they don’t keep up with the latest changes.

Here at IMTCVA we teach you the latest strategies in Internet marketing and please believe social media marketing is at the top of the list. We understand that word of mouth has been replaced by a Facebook status update or a tweet. We understand that the consumers are on social media platforms so that is why we our instructors work hard everyday to ensure the course is up to date and relevant.

Businesses need somebody that has the education and experience to set up successful social media marketing plans. Mistakes are highly public on social media so once you start offering your services you must be confident that your are an expert in your chosen field. As a social media manager your main goal should be on helping businesses increase their customers, retain the customers they have and improve their bottom line.

Here are 5 Steps for Becoming a Social Media Manager

  1. Be honest with yourself are you passionate about social media?
  2. Get the knowledge and education.
  3. Get some experience, which may include offering your services for free.
  4. Make sure you personal social media profile represents your accurately as a professional social media manager.
  5. Network, network, and network some more.





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