Spreading Your Content – Finding Guest Blogging Partners


Blogging is a very popular way to spread your information. With the competition for blogging traffic so high right now, beginner bloggers will have to work hard to get readers. You can help drive interested parties to your fresh content by writing content for other people’s blogs. Some blogs in your niche have been around for years, getting tons of readers and subscribers. Writing fresh content for these blogs puts your expertise in front of the eyes of thousands of people and you get the links to your site. How can you identify blogs that may help publish your work?

Google Alerts is another great way to identify blogs where a certain topic is being discussed. After selecting a keyword phrase for your alert (and you can multiple alerts), Google will email you links everyday to blogs mentioning that phrase or topic. Now you know who to contact for a guest spot. Often, conducting a simple Google search for “Top 100 blogs on leadership skills” or whatever your topic happens to be, can help identify not only blogs relating to yours, but ones that are popular or have a high page rank. You want to write for blogs that have high traffic and a high page rank. Use http://www.checkpagerank.net/ to see how popular a blog might be before wasting your time contacting the blog owner. Having a popular blog link to yours will help with your linking strategy: one of the most important parts of getting good search engine positioning. We explain all the aspects of this article: blogging, writing, linking, SEO and social media at the Internet Marketing Training Center. Check out how you can use these techniques to effectively create a money-making blog or help someone else to make theirs profitable.

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