The Importance of Opt-Ins and Free Gifts


Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Creating Opt-Ins and Free Gifts

Giving away awesome free gifts in exchange for an email address is an effective way to increase your email list.

So why is it that no one is returning to your website, or worst, why are they opting out after they receive your free gift?

Could it be your free offer?

Below I will discuss two things to consider that will help increase your opt-in rate, and keep your subscribers.

Offer Free Gifts That Has Value!

Think about it, what good is a free gift if it has no value whatsoever?

Your free offer is basically more crucial than anything else you may have. It’s your job to AWE your subscribers with your free product or information, similar to a first impression. By presenting your visitors with free valuable offers you are actually showing them that everything you present has value, even the free stuff!

By offering free gifts that has value can also reduce your subscribers opt-out rate. Most people will remain subscribers as long as they see some value in what your offering.

Making Use Of An Autoresponder

It’s important to use an autoresponder to help manage your email list. An autoresponder will help you schedule a sequence of emails to be sent to your list automatically according to your preset schedule. I must advise NOT to use a free autoresponder due to poor quality and lack of options. Free autoresponders lacks professionalism especially if your not able to use your primary email address. Besides that, there’s absolutely no assurance that your emails will be delivered on time, if at all.

It’s been said that 95% of online businesses do NOT automate their marketing strategies. By simply using an autoresponder will increase your online sales and will make your marketing efforts a breeze to manage.

To learn more about autoresponders and the proper ways to use them, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginiahttp://imtcva.org , and remember to download your FREE career brochure!

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