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Everyone is familiar with Facebook and it’s business pages.We are going “like crazy” for a few years now to benefit from freebies, information and networking opportunities. Making a Facebook fan or business page is not that hard. But getting people to “like” the page can be a challenge. And then what do you do with your fans once you have them?

Creating a custom page with places to get things for free just by signing up really helps. You can make custom tabs for your business page with the FBML applications, where you can publish an opt-in box, sell items or put sales letters, videos and more that reward visitors for liking the page or just simply networking.

Once you have a number of fans,interact with them regularly by sharing valuable resources with them, asking them for their advice and including them in creative contests or giveaways. Here is a small checklist of “Do’s” to take advantage of your page:

  • Visit the profile of each new fan and welcome them personally.
  • Offer an additional freebie to an ebook, mp3 or newsletter in that personal welcome message.
  • Make sure your fans get first dibs on deals, specials and pre-launch sales.
  • Feature their testimonials, suggestions and input squarely on your page.
  • Encourage them to advertise their products and services on your page.
  • Always address them in a personal fashion, not just a “copy and paste” mentality.

These simple secrets to interacting with your business page fans will make your page stand out from the rest, make your fans feel special and important and keep them coming back again and again. Learn why keeping fans coming back will make your business money…

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