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“Why” Internet Marketing?

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We've explained a little bit about what Internet Marketing is—search engine optimization, list building strategies, social media, etc.—but we never talk about WHY you do it.

For a lot of people, it's “because they told me I should” or “to increase my Google Ranking”. It's important to understand why you are doing something as much as what you are doing.

Simply, we Market on the Internet so that our clients can find us.  A lot of people think that we Market so that the search engines can find the site, but that doesn't amount to a hill of beans if real people aren't finding the website and converting.

The website should be easy to use, with—now here's the important part—content that is relevant to the end-user. If you are trying to “work” the format just so that search engines “like” your site, you may end up failing the very people you are trying to reach. Information should be presented so that people can easily find information.

Let me back track for a second.  The whole point of a search engine is to find relevant information.  For instance, if you type in “Seafood Restaurants in Virginia Beach” you don't want to find results for California.  That information isn't relevant.  The same thing goes with your site.  You want it to be optimized and marketing to people who are looking specifically for what you are selling.  You want to be the authority on that subject.

And “search engine optimization” is not the only aspect of Internet Markeing.  The point of Internet Marketing is to get your product or service in front of people.  Go where the people are.  Right now that also includes YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter. This also includes forums and article directories. This also includes decent copywriting. Come check out all the wonderful tings about Internet Marketing you will learn over at the Internet Marketing Training Center.

If you take away anything, take away this: Internet Marketing is a whole system of promoting your business. Don't focus so strongly on one thing that you fail to promote in other avenues.


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