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Video Marketing – Make a video without any equipment

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Video marketing is one of the newest and most powerful methods to market your services and products online. However, one of the biggest problems with video marketing is the video part. More specifically, creating the video is the hardest part. And it’s not hard to see why, with cameras, lights, microphones, and editing equipment required to make a decent looking video. There are some other options to getting at least some sort of decent video on YouTube that can market for you. All you need is a YouTube account and that’s easy to get. If you have a gmail account then you already have one. Sign in to YouTube and in the upper right corner, click your username and select ‘My Videos’. This will take you to your ‘My Videos & Playlists’ page. Near the top of this page are a couple links such as ‘My Channel’, ‘Video Editor’, ‘Create Video’, etc. Click the ‘Create Videos’ link:

This will take you to the Create Videos page. Here, you will find a list of sites that provide features such as video editing and video creation. GoAnimate is one such service. This is a pay service but they let you try it out for free. This will let let you create at least one free video, and if you like the service you can always pay for more. What’s nice about this service is it will let you enter in any script you want and then put it to an animation they already have created. When you’re finished, they let you upload it to your own YouTube channel. Once the video is on your channel, you can send it to friends via facebook or twitter, embed it on your site, and submit it to social bookmarking sites. Go try it out.

With a video like this, it would help if you knew how to market online in order to take advantage of this powerful medium. A great place to learn how to market online is at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. At IMTC you will learn how to market your products and services online and how to use your new video to the most of its potential. In as little as 6 months you can get certified in Internet marketing and start making money online. The best part is, you choose the speed at which you take the classes. It’s all at your own pace.

Here’s an example of a video I made in under 10 minutes:

Start your new career in Internet marketing now.

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