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YouTube comes out with new options

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Be sure to check out YouTube when you get a chance. They have now changed the ‘As Seen On' feature. The ‘As Seen On' feature lets viewers know what websites that particular video is embedded on. This is very helpful for website and blog owners that post video on their sites. YouTube is now helping them get more exposure. The ‘As Seen On' feature has also moved to just below the view count. This way it's a lot easier to see.

Another nice new feature is the option to read comments two different ways. Now, you can read comments chronologically or related by thread. The related by thread option lets you read the comments and if somebody response to a comment, it is shown indented under the original comment. This make reading comments easier and help people stay involved with the YouTube community, which always helps keep people engaged and viewing more videos. If you know of any more new features on YouTube, leave a comment.

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