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Inside News: At IMTC

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I’m looking forward to the school opening; it is what everyone is looking for. While we’re waiting for everything to come together which it is, very nicely. We have Marc (Video Editor) updating The Lessons w/ video and adding them to the site.   Nick (Graphic Designer) is adding text to our school sites he is also working on the cover for the catalog, brochure, and the business cards. 


Our writer Judy is making a different version of The Million Dollar Mouse; also she is doing guest speaker interviews with people that Tom has helped become famous with his knowledge of Internet Marketing.  Colin (Social Media/Professor) is working on making the Camtasia video’s for the Internet Marketing Training Center’s Curriculum.  That's all I have for today come back for more updates.  Thank you for visiting, your comments are important to us, we look forward to hearing from you.


– Corinne, Here from Inside the Internet Marketing Training Center

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