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Do It Yourself…or Not?

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“Do It Yourself” has become an industry to itself.  We see books “For Dummies”, “How To”, and all sort of “Do It Yourself” articles, books, and videos.  “DIY” (do it yourself) is a keystone of any entrepreneurship.  And the big question always is, “is it cheaper/faster/better to do it yourself, or to pay someone else to do it?”

Society functions well BECAUSE we have separated and specialized function.  This is how we evolve and grow.  If people are allowed to concentrate on certain tasks, they will become more efficient, better, and cheaper.  But there are a lot of things that you can do for yourself as a business person.

A good way to determine if something might be a DIY task is how time consuming a task will be once the learning curve have been reached.  Will it take HOURS away from you when you could spend hours on another task that will make you more money?  In that case, it might be more worthwhile to pay someone to do it.  If it's going to take a week for someone to get out and do it—and it's something that is going to be repetitive—I can almost guarantee that it would be cheaper, faster, more efficient and less stressful to learn a little bit and do it yourself.  Building a house?  Go ahead and pay for that one.  Repainting your bedroom?  Save a little cash and knock it out yourself.

  1. Time Consumption (including education)
  2. Difficulty/specialization of knowledge
  3. Cost of a Professional's Services

We are increasingly opened up to a world that is more and more DIY friendly.  Everyone with Internet access can have a blog (website) and market that website for almost nothing! Heck, with a smartphone and the WordPress app, you can control content on the blog from almost anywhere!

The point being, you can do almost anything thing these days with enough time and interest.  The question becomes, how best to spend your resources (time and money).

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