The Internet Marketing Training Center Media Open House


Next Tuesday January 17th, 2012 will be the Open House for the local media to tour the new facilities of the Internet Marketing Training Center in Virginia Beach.

Over 300 local news reporters from the Virginian Pilot, local radio and television stations have been personally invited to come into the facility, listen to presentations by Tom and learn more about what the school offers.

Many have already shown interest in doing a story about Tom and the school prior to even attending the event. They are excited that a local school here in their home town is offering the kind of unique training found nowhere else, and helping local residents (and people from all over the world) to excel in the new career of Internet Marketing.

It is of great interest to the military community that another open door to an educational experience has opened for active service personnel and their families, who may be entering the private sector for the first time. IMTC is helping educate the military, stay-at-home moms. high school students and people recently laid off to find a new career.

Find out more about IMTC and its courses and most of all: wish us luck on Media Night!

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