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34876974If you were to ask me a decade ago, “Do you think the Internet is here to stay?” I would have given you the same answer I’m still sharing with people across the world—HECK YEAH! The Internet is only gaining momentum. What we could only imagine years ago, is here at our finger tips. Just think—Skype, Google Hangouts, Periscope—technological devices that were only seen in futuristic movies, have hit our world. If you haven’t already gotten aboard, you’re missing out. Statistically, let me share with you what’s been happening.

”In 2011, it was estimated that about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced eLearning across the globe. Today, e-Learning is a $56.2 billion industry, and it’s going to double by 2015.”

If you didn’t get excited about those statistics, or saw yourself fitting into the grand scheme of things, don’t worry, our school helps you to filter those “far out dreams” into realistic opportunities. We’ve worked with authors, entrepreneurs, marketers, psychics, public speakers, energy healers, and more. So, when I tell you, you can make a living online—trust my word.

The main thing you have to focus on, though, if you decide to venture off into online marketing, is having a strong solid foundation and a clear direction of where you’re going. As we shared in the title, the Internet is the tidal wave of the future, it can become a bit bumpy along the way. Therefore, you must equip yourself for the journey. One of the smartest steps anyone can take, become educated. There are loads of great opportunities that await, but at times, you can become so overwhelmed with the newest, shiniest objects that will deter your focus.

Where do you want to be? Wherever you see yourself, become educated and go for it!


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The online business market is a booming industry. Many individuals are looking to make a living on the Internet by working from home. The individuals interested in the Internet lifestyle range from baby boomers, college grads, single moms and even people with current full time careers. Although, they all have different reasons for pursuing an online career one thing they do have in common is the need for flexibility.

If you are one of the people interested in the Internet lifestyle you have probably done some research on the different Internet marketing programs available. I commend you! It is super important to get started on the right track because without a clear learning path you may waste a lot of time trying to learn the ropes. Besides just learning the process you should also be aware that there are lot of scams floating around on the Internet.

Don’t get discouraged because through your search you landed on this page and you’re reading this article I have good news for you!

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is by far the most unique and best Internet marketing training facility in the world! Let me explain.

First, IMTCVA is the ONLY “CERTIFIED” Internet marketing training center in the entire United States, recognized by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Second, the schools program was founded and created by Tom Antion, one of the most respected, top public speakers and Internet marketers in the world. Tom has dedicated his life to Internet marketing and training since the birth of the Internet back in the 90′s.

Third, the staff at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is obsessed with staying abreast of all the latest Internet marketing techniques and resources of information in this constantly evolving business. You can be sure you’ll learn the best “old school” techniques that still work, as well as the latest techniques that have proven results.

Lastly, each student can work at his or her own pace. Whether they’re an online or campus student, the course can be completed in as little as 6 months, with an Internet marketing certificate upon completion. All students have the ability to interact with trainers and other students by phone, face to face, email, blog, wikis, discussion forums, text messaging, teleclasses and more, giving all students the best training experience around.

To learn more about this unique opportunity and how to enroll, please visit the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia – , and remember to download your FREE career brochure!

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Become a Social Media Consultant

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Making money online is far easier with a good education like the one you’ll get at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. You can sell your own products, books and services no matter what they are if you implement the proper marketing strategies. But there is an even more lucrative way to make money with this knowledge: you can be a social media consultant for others. A social media consultant role is to understand the true value of social media and to develop a marketing strategy for their client.

When you understand and successfully implement the strategies you learn at IMTC, there are many other business owners who want to know how you did it, and they will pay you to help them. Marketing online is completely different when compared to traditional retail marketing. Once you develop an understanding for social media and how to use it to grow a business, your expertise can help a struggling business become successful online.

I recommend picking one social networking platform to learn and master at a time and once you are comfortable with all the little tricks and successful marketing strategies, move on to the next. This step by step approach will help you understand how each social media platform is different and what marketing strategies you should use for each particular client and their business goals. As a social media consultant you will definitely stay busy, because the social networking platforms are constantly changing and adding new features for users. In the last month, Facebook released at least 3 major changes and announcements that effect how businesses use their Facebook Page. As a social media consultant you should be ahead of the curve. You stay current by understanding any new changes, determining how it will effect your clients business, and then developing a plan to attack.

There’s no shortage of businesses that need consultations for their online marketing. Just about every business, local or national, is looking to get more traffic to their website and more sales from the visitors that make it there. Having your own social media consulting business could be the most profitable career you’ve ever dreamed of. Start to imagine the future you want for yourself and check out the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia today, we would love to help you reach your career goals.


Consumer Online Activities

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There are many different reasons consumers go online. Listed below are the top 6 activities consumers perform online:

  • 92% Email
  • 92% Search
  • 81% Check the Weather
  • 76% Read News
  • 71% Watch Videos
  • 71% Purchase Products

You are reading this because you are thinking about starting a career in Internet Marketing or you already have a business and you are trying to increase your web presence. As an Internet Marketer it is your job to capitalize on the current trends. A lot of tasks we used to do offline have been replaced by online activities. For example the Netflix streaming volume exceeded rentals in 2012. Consumers are still watching movies but the Internet has made it easier, you don’t even have to leave your couch to purchase the latest movie. While Netflix is making profits, Blockbuster went bankrupt. Instead of going against the trends, stay ahead of the curve and visit to start your profitable Internet Marketing career.

Making CD products from MP3 recordings or podcasts can be a big money maker. The problem is that the learning curve is too cumbersome for most businesses to take on, so they need someone to help them expedite the process. That’s where a product development assistant comes in.

Digital recordings can come from any number of sources:

  • Podcasts
  • Downloads from Internet radio shows
  • Recorded phone teleclasses
  • Interviews
  • Audio ebooks

Any of these files can be edited in audio software, have beginning and ending music racks added to them, saved as the proper .wav files (best for CD duplication) and then copies of the CD made and sold. With a little bit of training, this can be simple process that can make a lot of money for a business and a good paycheck for someone working at home with the available software on their computer.

Think about the demand you could create for yourself if you had the right training. IMTC gives you this training and more including working with ecommerce systems, create simple web pages and the entire sales process from top to bottom. Get a free career brochure to discover all of the available work at home opportunities that exist today.

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Many businesses have marketing managers, but an online marketing manager has a different role. They are in charge of online campaigns to help bring in income for a business with pay-per-click ads, Youtube video campaigns tied to sales funnels, creating digital products that otherwise wouldn’t be for sale in a physical store and measuring website conversions with analytics.

Other important tasks include writing sales letters and ad copy, developing interesting text message and mobile ad campaigns and generally keeping a flow of fresh new sales coming in from the company’s web presence. It’s a different kind of job from a traditional marketing manager, sales rep, social media manager or publicity person.

Online Marketing Managers need to know the workings of ecommerce systems and digital product creation. Ebooks, Mp3, podcasting, CD and DVD production and strictly online endeavors such as webinars. To process the orders of these digital products, they need intimate knowledge of shopping carts, merchant accounts and sales funnels. Other marketing material includes autoresponders and good sales copy skills. Most online campaigns involve building websites and advertising on social media. A marketing manager has to be able to work closely with these people who are in charge of those tasks. Media managers and web designers need to able to implement the ideas of the marketing manager to keep things flowing smoothly.

This is a lot of responsibility and a job that’s greatly rewarded with measurable company success and a good paycheck. Good marketing managers are highly sought after because of the need for a successful online presence for nearly every company. If you think you have what it takes to tackle a growing career like this, IMTC has the knowledge to get you started.

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What is Search Engine Optimization? It’s making sure that all of the elements of a website fall in place so search engines like Google can place the website properly in the search results. Those elements are based on keyword phrases that people are searching for, where on the website the keywords are located, the correct proportion of keywords in the text, how many other websites are linking to yours and whether files such as the website images have keywords.

This is by no means all of the elements, but just the start. The ease of navigation, the use of site maps, how fast the website loads, how fresh the content is and the META information for each page are other important factors. If this sounds confusing, think about it feels for a business to own a website and not understand why they’re not getting any traffic or good search positioning. That creates a high demand for SEO services and you could be the one who provides this critical information.

SEO consultants will find no lack of work in the years to come. Websites are going up faster than consultants can help out. With the ease of site builders such as WordPress, businesses are tossing up websites as fast as possible without any SEO training or implementation at all. There’s a wealth of business opportunities for people who know about proper SEO. You could be one of those people, and even work from home.

IMTC teaches the latest SEO techniques and stays on top of them weekly. Just the first semester alone has nearly everything you need to know about SEO. This year could be the year that you take control of your future and find a lucrative career that will only grow, while working from the comfort of your own home.


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How Can You Make Money From Home?

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How can you make money from home? The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out  for more information.

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Careers For Stay At Home Moms

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Don’t think you have a choice between staying at home and putting your kids in daycare? Watch the video to see how you can discover the hottest and most in demand training available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

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Online Vocational Schools

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The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out  for more information.

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