The New PR: Are You Ready?


There are many career options available to you once you successful complete the training at The Internet Marketing Training Center. Public Relations is an industry that has changed rapidly over the past few years. Public Relations is defined as your reputation- the result of what you do and what others say about you. Business owners are always looking for ways to manage their public image with their target market.

Social media has changed the way we traditionally think about and handle PR. We live in an “I want it now” society and that is affecting the traditional approach to PR. With the many changes in the PR industry a lot of careers and positions are opening up that were not an option 10 years ago. This is great for anybody looking to establish a career online because a common problem many business owners face is that either they don’t understand digital media, they would prefer to outsource, or they are resistant to the changes.

This void in the market opens up career opportunities for people like yourself. The digital world has changed how we get our news, share our news, and how fast our news travels. You are part of the group of people that are ahead of the curve, have an entrepreneurial mindset,  and have decided to take the steps to educate themselves on digital and social media. At IMTCVA we pride ourselves in offering the lasted training and techniques that will allow you to help business owners that, just don’t get it.

Was there a point in your life when you wanted to be an news anchor? Or, maybe you always thought about being a journalist?

I am not saying these careers are gone but the requirements and responsibilities have definitely changed. I challenge you to think outside the box,  instead of looking to get your foot in the door via the old outdated traditional routes.

Listed below in the cool infographic I found on are PR Then and Now. This infographic gives you an idea of how digital media is influencing traditional media. It may inspire you to persue your passion for sharing news. Approach your career with action, you want to be an news anchor? Start shooting YouTube videos in a niche that you are familiar and passionate about, this will help you learn to be comfortable on screen, build a following, and you will actually have work that you could showcase to potential employees. Check out the “Now” versions of the traditional PR jobs below and see if you see yourself making a difference in a forever changing industry.




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