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Did you see the Superbowl this year?  If you're like most people, even if you didn't want the Superbowl, you had to see the commercials.  They are everywhere now.  If you miss the commercials on Superbowl Sunday, you can find them on the Internet monday morning.

I want to mention a commercial in particular.  The Doritos Commercial.  Frito-Lay ran a contest.  They wanted to run two fan created commercials during the Superbowl.  They got 6,100 entries.  The winning entry scored one million dollars and instant fame.  (Check the commercial out here: SuperBowl Doritos Commercial )

Jonathan Friedman said it cost him $20 to make the commercial. It cost Frito-Lay a cool million to Friedman for all his hard work, and however many millions the Superbowl spot cost.  But they generated a lot of buzz with the contest and huge individual windfall. Heck, that may have even been a steal for what an advertising agency would charge to develop a commercial specifically for the Superbowl.

It's a little bit of a gamble when professionals aren't involved, hoping that something good would come from the thousands of entries, but it paid off well.

– Large reward (which may still have been less than they could have paid an agency to develop the commercial)

– Rags to Riches story (Jonathan Friedman made a significant amount of money in a short time)

– Company gets Goodwill / karma for helping out a little guy

It's a nice story at the end of the day.

People have taken to the Internet in droves.  We shop online, play online, work online.  We find miracles and dreams online.  The Internet has discovered and carried more and more people off to Hollywood.  Singers, actors, stars!  A YouTube video and a dream!  Of course, a lot of the people who get discovered on the Internet have spent a LOT of time getting themselves seen.  They have a TON of material—usually videos, usually linked in some fashion to current trends—and are hoping that if their name pops up in enough places that someone will notice them.

Marketing and promotional materials—either for products and services or for the people who are reaching for fame—are a necessary part of selling online.  You have to have materials out there, just the same as in the physical world.  Flyers, mailers, billboards, t-shirts.  Everything is going digital.  Think about your avatars and signatures in forums or discussion areas.  Think about all the YouTube videos you can be out there making that cross-connect and link back to your materials.  Did George Clooney just have a baby?  Do you run a parenting site?  Take a bit of his fame and do a video about why you think he would or wouldn't be a good dad and how your product could help him!

The moral of today's stories are, think outside the box and use tools that are available to you.  Here at the Internet Marketing Training Center we're here to show you how to think outside of the box and properly utilize tools in rewarding ways.

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