Tips To Avoiding Google Penalties


When starting out in Internet marketing we have a tendency to get excited and carried away with all of the new found knowledge concerning search positioning.

We all want to be on that first page of search results as quickly as possible to see the money start rolling in. But using short sighted techniques to try and game the system can backfire.

You might not think up these bad strategies on your own, but there are numerous instances where innocent website owners were banned because they listened to behind-the-times pseudo experts who used old techniques on their website.

You don't want to be temporarily in the highest results, you want to stay there as long as possible. This takes time, dedication and a willingness to avoid gray areas that promise big results but actually may hurt your results permanently.

Getting banned or penalized by Google could take months or more to correct (sometimes you can never fix the damage and have to throw away the domain name) so let's take a look at what kinds of Google penalties there are and how to avoid them.

Why do sites get penalized?

Simply, …if Google doesn't like what you are doing on your site, who your site is affiliated with, or how you are attracting traffic to your site, you run the risk of being penalized.

The Google Webmaster blog states that site builders are welcome to make their sites however they want, but Google reserves the right to protect the quality and relevance of their index. And this is true. Google is a business and they are in the business of providing a quality product (search results) to their customers (everyone doing online searches).

Search results are where the new business comes from on the web, so keeping in their good graces means money for you in the long term.

Information that can make you a valuable asset to employers…

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