Search Engines and Meta Tags – Common Misspellings


One good trick is to put common misspellings in the META Keyword Tag. Many people are tired, in a hurry, or just can't spell that well and end up misspelling words.

If you have the misspelling in your keyword META tag, there is a good chance your page will come up in the search. A common misspelling of the word “speech” is “s-p-e-a-c-h.”

You can use the tool at https://majestic.com/  or one of the other keyword tools to help you find the most common misspellings of words.

There are even misspelled keyword generators all over the web that you can find just by searching in Google.

You probably don't want to have these misspellings on the visible page, because people might think you are not too smart.

Unlike the “description” META Tags, the Keyword META Tags are totally behind the scenes. The public does not see them, but the search engine spiders do. This is the area where you place your appropriate keywords and their synonyms.

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