Twitter Techniques For Building An Email List


Twitter is great for marketers, but it’s not OK to sell directly to your followers. No one wants to be spammed to death with affiliate ads for junk they don’t need.

A better way is to lead your followers down a path to great content so that they learn from you and build your expert status. Linking to content that your followers find helpful will increase your ‘good will’ value and guarantee that they will not mind clicking on the links that you provide.

At the end of the content – a blog post, video or online article – you can have an opt-in form that will promise even more great content for them. At this point, they mind very little about having to ‘sign in’ to get more information, helping you build that all-important email list. Twitter has worked great for this kind of conversions because it focuses on the delivery of quality content sharing and less of a salesy and pushy attitude which is commonly frowned upon in social media.

Being a ‘resource’ is the goal for your Twitter duties. Any content you link to can be used to build trust and credibility. Once you have the undivided attention of your followers, they will reward you with their information that you can use to market to them over and over again.

How can Twitter help build a physical business?



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