Video is Here to Stay in Social Media Marketing


If you have been keeping up with the latest Internet trends you may have noticed the many different options available for creating and distributing videos on social media. A video marketing strategy can really spice up a businesses’ social media presence.

If you are considering a career in Internet marketing and you like the idea of producing compelling and entertaining video you can offer you expertise. A lot of business owners would gladly pay to get some video ideas and help for their business. You can stress that a successful video marketing strategy can help build consumer awareness and increase engagement. Video can be used in many different industries.

You can offer to:

– Take the consumer behind the scenes of the businesses’ daily operations. Consumers love feeling connected to their favorite brands.
– Highlight an upcoming event. Answering the 5 W’s in a quick and entertaining video will help build excitement for the event. Consumers will often remember the event if there is a video associated with it.
– How to video for a product or service that the business offers
– Answer any FAQ’s
– Throw a contest and ask for consumers to post a video to win

These are just a few ideas you can offer to business owners for their video marketing strategy. It is important that you stay creative and use your imagination. Facebook, Intsagram. Vine, Google+ Hangouts, and YouTube are all platforms that allow you to share video.

Take a look at so you can start your education toward Internet marketing today!

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