Web Content: A Balance of Important Factors


Writing for the web can be a daunting task. Think about how much content is really out there:

* Website content

* Blogging

* Video and Podcast Scripts

* Articles

* Tweeting, Facebook Updates ans SMS Messaging

* Squeeze Pages, Opt-in Scripts and Sales Letters

* Email

That's enough to give anyone a heart attack. Or at least writer's block.

Yes, if you're not a ‘born' writer, it can seem like a lot of work. But you don't have to be a born writer to effectively get your point across to your visitors in all the above elements. It is a lot of work, but most time is spent ‘wondering' what to write, eating up real time you could be typing. Procrastination and doubt are time-killers, and you website can't wait. Getting your writing accomplished can be helped by a template: a quick checklist of factors that you can follow for the most effective content creation. In short order, here are a few to consider:

* Keywords – having a handy list of the keywords that apply to your business not only keeps your content search engine friendly, it gives you ideas for topics.

* Benefits – what are the immediate and long-term benefits of your product or service to your audience? Now explain that to generate good content (lose weight, make more money, save on their taxes, etc…).

* Fun – what enjoyable things will your audience be able to do with your product or service (spend more time with kids, catch bigger fish, look more attractive, etc…).

* Find your voice – write like you talk. Don't make everything sound like a Harvard dissertation. Be yourself so people trust you and get to know the real you. Writing in your own voice gets rid of the ‘fear' of not knowing what to write: it keeps you from over thinking it so you can get to the point and get the content down on paper (or web).

At IMTC, we have easy to follow steps for content creation to get you on and keep you on the right track. Check us out…



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