Is Being a Virtual Assistant Right For You?


More and more businesses are building a larger Internet presence than ever before. There seems to be never ending roster of things to do online, that companies and individuals need to be a part of to keep up with their competition: social media, blogging, content creation, content syndication, videos, email campaign and ecommerce – these are just a few of the daily tasks required for a business to run effectively online. With so many things to keep track of and implement, how can one find enough good help?

People are turning to any resource they can that promises solutions: outsourcing,,, interns, in-house employees and virtual assistants. Out of this large pool of labor, the virtual assistant stands far above the rest in terms of SEO knowledge and expertise. With most outsourcing help, even the inexpensive help on elance, you'll save money, but your final results won't be as good as it could be.

Just writing stuff and posting it to the web will not get you the kind of traffic you would expect. Things like keyword optimization and proper conversion are important to an online task. Outsourcing can be very unreliable for optimized web work. They are great for other things: transcription, call center management, scheduling and administrative tasks. But the right virtual assistant can manage very complex campaigns for a number of large businesses where dollars count and tasks are measured for success.

Have you thought of being a virtual assistant? It's growing career that's very high in demand. More and more jobs will filter from in-house employees to ones that work from home (telecommuting) as the years progress. At IMTC we teach all of the necessary skill sets that companies are looking for. An IMTC trained VA will be able to conduct the highest level of Internet tasks with the best results possible. Is this the job for you? Take a tour and find out…

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