Website Copy: Writing Killer ‘About Me’ Pages


Do you know how popular the “About Me” page is?

Often, it is the second most visited page of a website, next to the Home page itself. That's because it's the heart and soul of the site — the one place where visitors judge how competent the information is over the hype of the Home page copy. More and more, site visitors need to know who is offering their advice and their services to them long before they waste time clicking on the rest of the pages. People are afraid of dealing with online business people without trying to learn as much as they can before-hand.

But if your About Me page is weak, boring, short or hides behind a persona, you can create a negative impression in the visitor before you've had time to try and sell your services. Here's a list of tips that will ensure an exciting page:

Stop writing in ‘third person.' Unless you're a major company, writing in third person can distance you from your reader. There are plenty of solo entrepreneurs using language such as “We want to help you” & “Our expertise is heads above the rest.” If you are a single entity, use the word “I”, and speak in first person to make a more personal connection. While you may want to make yourself seem larger than you really are, most website visitors can see right through this.

Tell a personal story. No one cares how you became the expert in your field if the visitor can't relate it to what they're going through. Make sure you connect with your reader on their level instead of looking as if you live in an ivory tower.

Put in testimonials. This is a far more effective place to put in testimonials than a dedicated “testimonials' page that no one will click on. What's better than other people talking about how much they love you while you're talking about yourself?

Use a video. There's no better way to introduce yourself to your prospect than with a online video. They get to see the real you and a video will show nuances and personality that's nearly impossible to write about.

Speak in your own voice. Write like you're talking to a prospective client face-to-face, rather than like you're reading from a brochure. The web is more and more a place where you need to be yourself.

– Get an updated and professional picture of yourself. Invest in a nice portrait. Avoid low resolution images from the 1980's and never use stock photos of other people.

The About Me page may be the one place on your website that builds enough trust and ‘good vibes' to make the sale. This page is your personal handshake, like the one you would use in real life situations, that makes or breaks the website. Don't blow it or gloss it over.

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